Case Study: Lehmann LMS System - Call Centre Lockers

Our project of the week focuses on Lehmann's LMS software system.

1450 lockers were installed in an Insurance company's call centre, in private mode, to enable the employees, who worked in two shifts, to access them at different times. Each employee had their own personal locker with Facilities Managers having control to open any locker in case an employee misplaced their card.

An additional 260 lockers were installed in "public mode" meaning a new person can access it for a single use, in male & female changing rooms of the in-house fitness centre.

As well as this, employees could use their existing MIFARE® DESFire® cards for the elevator in the canteen, to clock in / out and for the main doors.

In total there were locker installations on five separate floors which perfectly highlight the flexibility of the Lehmann management system offering, from private and public to utilising existing cards for access control.

To find out more about the Lehmann product please head over to our dedicated partner page