Focus on: Lehmann Management Software

This week we are putting our focus on the Lehmann Management Software, LMS, a software that allows you to assign and manage access rights to lockers as well as to configure RFID locking systems.

For facilities or security managers who need to manage access to locker banks in one place, the Lehmann Management Software allows you sight of each locker within your facility, who it is currently assigned to in a user-friendly matrix view as presented below.

We understand that one of the biggest challenge for those looking to move to an intelligent locking/storage solution is the management side, and the Lehmann Managed Software, LMS, offers the solution.

Security is also a key benefit, as a lost card can be easily replaced within the software and a clear log of activity is presented. The software is always installed within your IT infrastructure meaning all data remains GDPR compliant and within your responsibility rather than being shared with third parties.

The software offers flexible application options for companies of all sizes: whether a single user solution for smaller projects, or a company wide network solution with several LMS users.

The below video highlights the main benefits and features of the Lehmann Management Software, showcasing how it fits perfectly with your agile working space or corporate offices.

To find out more about the Lehmann Management Software, and the locking systems that fit with it, head over to their dedicated partner page on our website, or contact us directly to find out more.