Modern working in practise - how one business used gosmart's solutions to transform its office environment

The International Workplace Group's 2019 Global Workspace Survey, which gathered opinions from more than 15,000 people over 100 nations about the key drivers for flexible working; how it’s being used by international businesses; and what perceived obstacles to introducing and increasing it still remains, showed flexible working conditions are no longer a perk but an essential for modern success. This includes perks such as in-house changing/showering rooms, breakout areas and hot-desking capabilities.

These research findings highlight the shift to a new paradigm in the modern workplace, with insights on how workplace design is delivering significant benefits to agile organisations. But the success is all in the execution, which is why our latest client worked with goSmart Intelligent Storage Solutions, as well as our partners, to install lockers in their staffs changing rooms.

The project was won after a full consultation with the end client and their interiors company, Maris interiors, James Tobias, the locker manufacturer and us. The client was looking to install lockers in their inhouse staff changing rooms, and were specifically looking for:

1) The lock to work with their existing RFID access cards

2) Easy to programme staff cards.

4) The lock to be easily reprogrammed to operate in different settings.

5) Master cards provided to allow facilities and security staff to override

With our range of knowledge and expertise across locking solutions, we decided that the Flexlock invisible lock was the most appropriate solution as it met their requirements and also offered a clean look as the lock would not be on show.

In total, we installed 58 numbered lockers in the male changing room and 16 in the female changing room, at the customers site in Camden Town, London. The lock mechanism is Catapult C with push/pull 37mm, meaning you can push the door to open and to close.

Phil Tipson, Director, goSmart commented “This project was a perfect example of the way goSmart storage solutions likes to work. Our knowledge of the market and having access to a large range of RFID locks allowed us to advise and recommend the right solution for this installation.

Going to site after the lockers were installed and getting such positive feedback from the end customer was fantastic. We are very optimistic that more orders for these lockers will follow.”