Focus on - Flexlock Visible and Invisible

Each week we will put the spotlight on one of our keyless locking solutions to give you an in-depth look into what benefits they offer, how the technology works and what sectors would benefit.

This week our focus is on the Flexlock - invisible and visible.

Ideal for workplace, corporate offices, gyms and leisure areas, the Flexlock is easy to programme using RFID cards, fobs and wristbands and is also Mifare and HID I class ready. It also boasts single or multi users settings which are simple to change onsite.

The image below shows the range of functions that are easy to interchange on the Flexlock.

Flexlock is a flexible and secure lock system, easy to use and easy to integrate in various storage units in the workplace, education or leisure facility. The lock can be fitted to new and existing furniture items and is controlled using a key card or tag. The lock’s function can be configured to your unique requirements, regardless of whether it is for permanent or temporary storage.


1. Lower cost of total ownership as key cards are lost less frequently than codes and keys are forgotten

2. Enables smoother administration due to the ability of having central admin.

3. Hidden locks have a minimalistic and sleek design

4. Increased usage of lockers as it is more convenient for the user, and the lockers settings can be adjusted for multiple purposes (e.g. visitor lockers)

5. More suitable in open spaces as cards eliminate the need for pin codes (that otherwise might have been viewable)

The Flexlock invisible fitted in a changing room at a corporate office